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Agile Coaching Training 

ICAgile ICP-ACC Certification Training

Designed by key thought leaders who defined the discipline of Agile coaching, the Agile Coaching certification verifies an understanding of the tools, skills, and techniques needed to coach agile teams. At the Agile Coaching step, the coach has an expert-level understanding of current lean-agile practices; is significantly skilled in team facilitation; and has developed some professional coaching and mentoring skill. Coaches with these skills are likely operating at a scope of several teams or a program, starting new teams, mentoring others, or spending significant time working with managers and engaging with impediments outside the direct control of teams.


The ICP-ACC Certification course was designed for agile coaches and aspiring coaches who have a passion for servant leadership and a desire to learn and practice facilitation, professional coaching, mentoring and teaching in service of agile teams. Other relevant roles include ScrumMasters, Iteration Managers, and Agile Project Managers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Definition of Agile Coaching

  • Coach as Agile Role Model 

  • Self-Awareness/Self-Management in the Coach

  • Agile Coaching Stance 

  • Foundational Professional Coaching Skills 

  • Coaching Conversation - Coaching for Action 

  • Key Mentoring Skills

  • Mentoring Agile Role Transitions 

  • Creating Environment for Learning - Coach as a Teacher

Upcoming Training

        Remote Delivery         3/1 - 3/3

        Remote Delivery         4/26 - 4/28

        Remote Delivery         6/21 - 6/23

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Public Class $1,150

GSA Rate $1,000

Group Rate $950

Class Duration

3 days/21 hour

Private Group Training

Have a group of 5 or more for the training?

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  • Agile Mindset Shifts and Frameworks 

  • Foundational Team Coaching 

  • Describing Team Development 

  • Coaching the Journey Toward High Performance

  • Handling Conflict and Dysfunction Within the Team

  • Handling Organizational Impediments to Transformation

  • Setting Boundaries Through Coaching Alliances and Contracts 

Why Agile Coaching?

Change. The Agile Manifesto changed the world. It introduced us all to the idea that change can be harnessed and celebrated. It provided us with values and principles upon which to stand and from which to build practices that help us keep pace with an ever-changing world. It taught us that change is the only constant and that it should be embraced.

But, it didn’t change the human truth that change is hard, and in the face of constant change, we can be lost, hurt, confused, or left behind. Change challenges our thinking, our worldview, and our self-view.

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Agile coaching is a craft intended to guide others in understanding, processing, and embracing constant change, so that the change is sustainable, and lasting beyond the individuals

Agile coaches guide individuals and teams to get clear about the change they desire, identify places where current reality does not match desired reality, and then take action to close the gap -- all in service of delivering business results that matter. Along the way, coaches hold the bigger view of desired change, even when others may have lost sight. Agile coaches support, guide, coach, teach, mentor, and facilitate change without colluding with the current reality.

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