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Agile Workshops

How can Agile Workshops help your team?

When building a sustainable high-performing team, it is important to focus on continues improvement. At Agile Consulting Services, we believe that continues education and investment in the professional development of team members is an important component of every Agile Transformation. Our experienced Agile Coaches developed a catalog of Agile workshops to help teams, program management and organizational leadership to gain a shared understanding of a company’s mission and strategic initiative. Our goal is to help teams to improve their communication, collaboration, and establish effective and efficient processes. 

Each Agile Workshop can be customized to address the specific needs of your organization. We strive to provide a high degree of education to our clients and help their teams to learn industries best practices and effective techniques to take their performance to the next level.


Brainstorming Session - Agile Workshops - Agile Consulting Services

Agile Workshops

            Introduction to Agile Workshop 

Learn about the incremental value delivery process is a highly collaborative team environment. 

            User Story Writing and Story Points Estimation

Learn about best practices to improve communication and understanding of project scope. 

            The Power of Well-Planned Retrospective

Enable your teams to reflect on their processes and identify opportunities for improvement. 

            Introduction to Scrum @ Scale

Help your Scrum Teams to establish alignment across the program and learn an effective way to coordinate dependencies and manage program-level risks. 

            Introduction to Scaled Agile Framework

Learn about workflow patterns that help to guide programs and enterprises in scaling their Agile practices. 

            Agile Working Agreement Workshop

Help your team to establish a social contract and identify norms that promote a collaborative working environment.

           The Power of High-Performing Teams

Enable your team to integrate collaborative processes into the project operations to take their performance to the next level. 

            Servant Leadership

Help your Agile practitioners to learn how to develop and support a cross-functional Agile team. 

            Implementing Agile in Virtual Teams

Learn how to implement Agile in Virtual teams and how to set-up a collaborative virtual environment for team members to perform their job effectively. 

            Introduction to Kanban

Explore a just-in-time Lean project delivery method to help your team to improve efficiency in delivering value to the customer. 

        Contact Us today to schedule an Agile Workshop for your team.

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