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At Agile Consulting Services in Gaithersburg, MD, we strive to help organizations to improve their project management operations. Our Scaled Agile training is offered in a classroom-style environment, providing you with the opportunity to get hands-on experience and develop skills required to take your team’s or program’s performance to the next level. 


Certified Agile Coach training provides advanced professional coaching knowledge, tools and techniques  to help Agile practitioners guide teams on their Agile journey. Certified Agile Coach training is  one of the most prestigious training in the market that provides opportunity to deepen coaching, mentoring, and lean-agile practicioner skills and explore advanced professional coaching topics. 


Agile Coaches offer expertise and knowledge of industry best practices in helping organizations to address specific needs and achieve a high level of business agility. We are here to help you to improve business operations at all organizational levels.

About Us


Our Story

Agile Consulting Services is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB). The company began its operations with a vision of helping organizations to achieve their full potential in a dynamically changing business environment. Founder and CEO of the Agile Consulting Services, Irina Fedorova, began her career as a part-time developer while teaching Computer Information Systems courses at the international educational institution. Irina has personally experienced challenges in the siloed business environment, and she searched for a better way to perform her job. More than ten years ago, Irina learned about the Agile mindset, and she decided to combine her experience in the educational sector and development field to help organizations to achieve business agility and to align delivery teams with priorities of the organization. She has been training and coaching teams, program management, and enterprise leadership in commercial, public, and educational sectors for seven years now. Her unique ASTC approach to Agile transformation helped to establish the company's standards for training, coaching, and consulting services.

ASTC Model


Business Agility Assessment allows organizations to visualize their operations and define opportunities for improvements. Our certified and experienced Agile coaches collaborate with leadership and delivery teams to assess the organizational Agility and to understand their unique challenges. 

  Strategic Plan

The next step in the Agile transformation process is to implement the Strategic Plan that aligns with overall organizational objectives. A dedicated team of Agile consultants works with a customer to create a roadmap that best suits their specific needs. 


Agile Consulting Services provides training courses to individual teams, product management, and executive leadership. We provide tools and knowledge to all organizational members across the enterprise to support incremental value delivery process. Our team of Agile coaches and consultants believe in the success of Agile implementations across the enterprise, not just IT teams. 


We support our clients every step of the way on their Agile journey. Whether your organization is new to Agile or looking to scale, we are here to provide guidance. Our experienced Agile coaches and lean enterprise consultants strive to help organizations to improve their business Agility. 

SAFe Agile Training

When it comes to program-level or enterprise-wide Agile transformation for commercial companies, federal agencies, and non-profit organizations, leaders must think about more advanced methods to help align operations of delivery teams with business objectives.
Here, at Agile Consulting Services in Gaithersburg, MD, we understand how important for our clients to adjust to a dynamically changing business environment, and we help them to learn how to establish their operations from the ground up.
When your organization is ready to scale-up its Agile transformation, our SAFe Agile Training team is here to help. We focus on providing high-quality training to individuals who looking to advance their careers and organizations whose goal is to improve their project management processes and achieve alignment across the enterprise.

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If you have any a question, comments, or need more information about our services, please email Agile Consulting Services using the contact form below. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service, and a member of our support team will get back to you shortly. 

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