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SSM Certification

Tools for Measuring and Improving Agile Maturity

Because our vision is to help you achieve the highest level of business agility, we provide several tools for measuring and improving your organization's Agile maturity.

The first tool is an Agile Maturity Assessment. Through the initial assessment, your team has the opportunity to reflect on its values and how its processes work within those values. An Agile Maturity Assessment also helps the team reflect on how the organization is improving its agility over time.

An excellent Agile Maturity Assessment looks only at those things that an organization can improve and looks at basics such as agile principles, technical approaches, and team dynamics. It helps teams determine what agile maturity looks like in their context and the steps they need to take to get there. As teams mature in their agility, they work better together, with fewer silos. They share knowledge and work together to improve in increments. Team members can innovate and not be afraid of failure.

Third parties such as Agile Consulting Services can be helpful in facilitating these assessments; however, certified coaches and scrum masters within the organization can facilitate Agile Maturity Assessments as well. We also provide training toward SSM certification (SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM) Certification). This training helps individuals learn how to plan and execute Agile at scale, Program Increment, and facilitate Scrum. The SSM certification also prepares the individual to manage all the Scrum activities at a particular federal agency, business, or non-profit organization. It also provides the tools to facilitate Agile Maturity Assessments and Agile events such as retrospectives, iteration planning, and standups. Finally, the SSM certification training also teaches the principles of servant leadership that are an integral part of high-performing Agile organizations.

To sign up for SSM Certification training, contact us today.

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