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Safe Agile Certification

Providing Scaled Agile Certification (SAFe) Training

Adjusting dynamically to a changing environment is critical for businesses, federal agencies, and non-profit organizations. Leaders must consider advanced methods to help align their operations with business objectives to quickly adapt to market changes. Agile Consulting Services is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) that gives organizations the tools they need to achieve the highest level of business agility. These tools include training, certification, and consulting services.

One critical certification is the Scale Agile Certification (also called SAFe Agile certification). The SAFe Agile certification is the first of several certifications for the lean agilist. The training will help you or your team members understand how to improve quality, productivity, employee engagement, and workflow. It will help you lead your organization to become more customer-focused.

We provide our scaled agile certification training in a classroom environment and allow you to get hands-on experience and develop the skills necessary to lead a successful transformation. Not only does the SAFe certification enable you to gain the skills, but it will also validate that you've developed these skills and can scale Agile development in organizations and enterprises.

Contact us when your organization is ready to achieve its highest level of business agility through the SAFe certification training.

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