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There are many reasons to start your Agile transformation with an assessment. The Agile assessment allows you to visualize business operations and define opportunities for improvements, and it helps to baseline the current level of Agile maturity. Also, the assessment helps to determine if your team, program, or organization is ready to scale up its Agile practices. Our Agile coaches collaborate with leadership and delivery teams to assess their processes. The assessment is provided in the form of a report, which highlights strengths and challenges at the evaluated organizational level. 


Agile Consulting Services offers a catalog for professional development training. Our certificate training courses, Agile workshops, and Scrum Bootcamp are offered in a classroom-style environment and online, providing you with the opportunity to develop skills required to take your team’s or program’s performance to the next level. Our Agile trainers do more than just teaching, they focus on developing your skills and Agile expertise in a business context. That way you can apply your knowledge to practice, and start improving your team's or program's operations right after the training. 

Who Should Take Scrum Bootcamp

Scrum Bootcamp is designed for team members who will work in an Agile environment (Business Analysts, Quality Assurance Specialists, Software Developers, Database Engineers, etc.), lead Scrum implementation (Scrum Master, Product Owner), or support Agile project management operations in commercial or public sectors (Agile Project Manager, Program Manager, Product Manager, Team Lead, Release Manager, Contract Officer, etc.).


This course is appropriate for anyone who is interested in learning about Scrum regardless of professional experience and level of knowledge in Agile.  

Certification Eligibility

Upon successful completion of the Scrum Bootcamp, trainees will be able to take advantage of the complimentary online course to receive industry-recognized Scrum certification (Scrum Master Certify, Scrum Product Owner Certify, or Scrum Developer Certify). Additionally, Scrum Bootcamp prepares course participants to take Scrum.org assessment to qualify for the Professional Scrum MasterTM level I (PSM I)  certification

Scrum Bootcamp Learning Objectives

Day 1

  • Agile Fundamentals 

  • Agile Manifesto 

  • Agile vs. Traditional Project Management

  • Value-Driven Delivery Process

  • The Power of High-Performing Teams

  • Product Vision 

  • Agile working Agreement 

  • Introduction to Scrum 

  • Scrum Roles

  • Scrum Ceremonies

  • Set up Scrum Cadence 

  • Epic, Feature, User Stories

  • User Story Writing 

  • User Story Estimation 

  • Story Mapping 

  • Product Backlog Prioritization

Day 2

  • Identify the Scrum Master and Product Owner

  • Definition of Ready

  • Definition of Done 

  • Release Planning

  • Team and Product Metrics

  • Creating Sprint Backlog

  • Development Practices

  • Continues Improvement 

Day 3

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