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Agile Consulting Services

Agile Consulting Services: Helping Your Organization Achieve Full Potential

The vision of Agile Consulting Services is to help federal agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations achieve their full potential in a dynamically changing business environment.

CEO and Founder Irina Fedorova began her career as a part-time developer and teacher of Computer Information Systems courses. She experienced challenges in the siloed business environment, and she searched for a better way to do her job. More than ten years ago, Irina learned about the Agile mindset. She decided to combine her experience in the educational sector and development field to help organizations achieve business agility and align delivery teams with the organization's priorities. She has been training and coaching teams, program management, and enterprise leadership in commercial, public, and educational sectors for seven years now.

Agile Consulting Services aims to help you improve business operations at all organizational levels. Agile Consulting Services is based on a unique ASTC model that Irina developed:

  • Assessment. The assessment allows organizations to visualize processes and define opportunities for improvements. Agile Consulting's experienced Agile coaches collaborate with leadership and delivery teams to assess the organization's agility and understand its unique challenges.

  • Strategic Plan. Step two in the Agile transformation process is implementing a strategic plan that aligns with organizational objectives. Our team of consultants works with the customer to create this plan.

  • Training. Agile Consulting Services provides training to teams, product management, and executive leadership. Our coaches and consultants believe in successful agile implementation across the organization, not just among IT teams. One of our most popular training sessions is Scrum Bootcamp. Scrum Bootcamp is designed to help organizations quickly transition from traditional project management to Scrum. The training includes components of the Scrum Fundamentals Course, Scrum Master Training, Product Owner Training, Value Stream Mapping Workshop, and Story Mapping Workshop. Scrum provides several benefits, including adaptability, faster problem resolution, continuous value delivery, an efficient development process, continuous improvement, and collective ownership. The Scrum Bootcamp is appropriate for anyone interested in learning about Scrum, regardless of the previous level of knowledge or professional experience.

    Coaching/Consulting. The fourth step is coaching and consulting. We coach and consult organizations at every step of the Agile journey.

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