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Agile Coach Certification

Earning Your Agile Coach Certification

The ICP-ACC Certification (Agile Coach Certification) is designed for coaches and aspiring coaches who are passionate about servant leadership and interested in facilitation, professional coaching, mentoring, or teaching. The certified Agile coach training is a deep dive, providing advanced professional coaching knowledge, tools, and techniques. Becoming a certified Agile coach isn't easy; however, the Agile Coach Certification, also known as the ICP/ACC Certification, is one of the most prestigious. Those with the Agile Coach Certification are likely to start new teams, manage several teams or a program, or spend significant time working with managers and engaging with impediments beyond the team's direct control. They also may be filling other roles, such as Scrum Masters, Iteration Managers, and Agile Project Managers.

Our ICP ACC Certification calendar offers several opportunities to undertake this live, online training each year. The training is framework neutral and includes hands-on and interactive learning. It is broken down into four key modules. It typically can be completed in one weekend, with sessions on Friday night, all-day Saturday, and all-day Sunday. An exam is not required. The instructors assess your work toward The Agile Coach Certification after completing the course requirements, including a basic 10-minute interview.

If you are interested in honing your coaching skills and validating what you've learned through earning your ICP ACC Certification, check out the course opportunities today.

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